Recital 2017


As a teacher, I like the idea of participating in "end of the year" recitals, so students can showcase the pieces they have learned.



Keyvan and Tyne!


Tyne is the youngest of 2, and played three pieces from his Faber Adventures book. Unfortunately he broke his arm prior to the recital, but he still toughed it out and played great.



Keyvan and Lou-Anne!


Lou-Anne is my youngest student, and she played pieces from her favorite movies, Harry Potter, and Song of the Sea. This was her first piano recital, and hopefully not her last.



Keyvan and Lucca!


Lucca is one of my other younger students, and since he likes Star Wars, he learned and played the Imperial March. He also likes playing other Star Wars pieces, such as the Main Title theme of Star Wars.



Keyvan and Li-Lou!


Li-Lou is Lou-Anne's older sister, and she also played a piece from Harry Potter. She enjoys playing pieces from her favorite movies, including Pirates of the Caribbean. Li-Lou's talent lies in her ability to play pieces after she has heard them only a couple times.



Keyvan and Paia!


Paia is Lucca's older sister, and she played Fur Elise for us. She also played a piece she composed called "Forks and Knives." Paia played at her school's Variety Show later that year, which is linked here.



Keyvan and Holden!


Holden is Tyne's older brother, and he played a Minuet by Mozart. He enjoys piano because he is not limited to one style of playing, which brings us to our next picture.



Keyvan and Holden again!


The second song Holden played for us was "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes. I presented my iPad on the piano and played the music video in the background for the parents to watch while Holden played the bass line. I also pitched in keeping the beat by slapping the piano.




After all is said and done, the recital for 2017 was fun and presented the music potential of all my students to carry on in the future.


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