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I have been working with children since I was in high school. Back then I was a CIT, Counselor in Training, at the Santa Barbara Zoo. I would lead groups of children around the zoo, showing them different animals and making sure everybody ate their snack and lunch. It was a lot of fun and I found it easy to relate to the campers.

In college, I volunteered with the Wilderness Youth Project. I had a similar position there working with ages 6-11, except the program was for homeschooled children. The program took place during the morning and early afternoon, starting with games at Tuckers Grove, continuing with activites in nature, and then ending back in Tucker's Grove.

Even though my first piano student was a resident at the convalescent hospital, I started teaching children soon after. Parents say I am patient with their kids, and I have an easy time communicating with them. I never really get frustrated if my students do not understand what I am explaining, or even if they ask me when their lesson is over. To me it is all fun and games teaching them.

I welcome every new student I come across, bringing their talents and abilities to the keyboard. It is always interesting to see what unique skill each child possesses, and I enjoy finding ways to focusing that into their music.





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