Friday, September 13th, 2019

I have been working on Beethoven's 6 varations in G and that has been coming along nicely. I have almost memorized all of them, and have started playing them at the retirement homes that I visit. Variations have always been a little of a struggle for me, because I feel I cannot put as much character in them as I could a sonata. To compare, the variations feel too much like technical exercises to be as interesting as other types of pieces. In that way they can also be difficult since they showcase how quick your fingers can move effectively. I still enjoy them because they are a fun way of demonstating  dexterity and finesse, and are pleasing to discover how they differ from the theme.

In addition to Beethoven's 6 variations in G, I have started Beethoven's Sonata in F. It is a cute piece and many interesting sections that, to me, sound like parlor tricks. Beethoven liked to have fun at the keyboard, and this is reflected by fact his piece sounds anything but triumphant. To me it is trick after trick. I do enjoy playing it though, and it is a good transition piece from the Rachmaninoff prelude I was learning before.

I would like to start learning another piece soon that is triumphant, because I need something quite opposite after memorizing Beethoven's variations. Who knows which composer that will end up being, but I would like the piece to be similiar to Rachmaninoff's Prelude in g minor. I am still getting the hang of performing the prelude, but slowly I am getting more competant at playing it for others.

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