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As a beginning performer, I started playing at retirement homes when I was 28 to help with my anxiety being in front of crowds with the piano.


After my first performance at Alexander Gardens, I realized I enjoyed playing for people and entertaining them with my music. It was nice to see the seniors happy, listening to me playing classical piano. Like most performers, I got a charge out of being in the spotlight doing something special.


Currently I continue to play at retirement homes across Santa Barbara including, but not limited to:


Alexander Gardens

Buena Vista Care Center

The Californian



The Samarkand

Villa Riviera

Vista del Monte

Valle Verde

Wood Glen Hall


If you would like me to play at your senior community, if you are an activities director or not, do not hesitate to contact me.

Due to COVID-19, I am also performing through Zoom and Facetime if you would like me to play at your assisted living facility. In certain circumstances, I can bring my keyboard to play on an outside section of the property, such as a patio or garden, and have the seniors listen to me from the inside. I have done both Zoom and patio performances and they work wonderfully!



(805) 403-8524




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