Thursday, February 14th, 2019

It feels good to continue logging my practice sessions, because sometime in the future I can look back and see the improvement I have made. For example, I am just about finished practicing Brahms' Capriccio 2, so now I can look back and see when I started practicing it, judging if I made good progress. In my opinion I could have learned this piece a little quicker, but I was also learning Suggestion Diabolique at the same time. I like to learn a couple pieces at once so I do not get bored with my practice repertoire. Unfortunately, Suggestion Diabolique was not a hit at the retirement homes, so I did not work too hard on making it more performable. I will come back to it at a later date, but for now I have Capriccio 2 to finish, along with Rachmaninoff's Prelude 5 to continue.

Rachmaninoff's Prelude 5 seemed intimidating at first, but as I got into it, I felt more comfortable with the different sections. I especially feel comfortable with the memorization aspect of it, since after a month of practicing I can play the first page without looking at the music too much. The middle section's left hand part was also a little intimidating, since it changes often, but I have to remember to let muscle memory take over and not overthink playing it. Even though on paper there are a great number of different notes, as long as my fingers learn them, I should be able to go on autopilot. I can also play the top portion of the second page without looking at the music, which is advantageous because it requires a lot of emotion. Here I am going to post a Youtube video of Evgeny Kissin performing it. I may not be able to play it with his gusto and speed at the moment, but I feel at some point I will be able to.



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